Taking the Guesswork out of Health Optimisation for you

Are you sick of being confused about all the conflicting health information out there, not sure what is legit, and what applies to you and your biology?

Look no further. We will take a look at your health history, concerns and needs, and come up with a bespoke strategy, including targeted lab testing, dietary & lifestyle recommendations, and supplements, unique to you. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

You have niggly symptoms (like fatigue, bloating, PMS, perimenopausal symptoms, etc) that have been shrugged off as as ‘just part of normal life/ ageing’?

You have (or are worried about) a chronic health condition that you are being told you just have to live with/ there isn’t much you can do about?

You want to be proactive about your health, but are confused with what is legit, and what is actually right and needed for your body?

INitial consultation (£295)

After a deep dive into your health history, concerns & goals, we will come up with a bespoke health strategy for you, including:

  • Which lab tests may be beneficial for you and help ordering these*
  • Plus a preliminary protocol including personalised diet, lifestyle & supplement recommendations to get you started with right away
Consultation up to 75 minutes
*Labs are at an additional cost and not included in the consultation price


I will order testing depending on your concerns, goals & budget.

You may be able to get some more generic tests for free via your GP, but most specialty tests sadly are not currently covered by insurance.

Obviously, the more information we can gather for a more complete picture to begin with, the better. 

However, with most tests not covered by health insurance, and not everyone having unlimited funds, we will come up with a testing strategy that works for you. 

follow up strategy consultation (£187.50)

  • Discussion of new test results
  • Adjustments to the strategy according to your results

Up to 50 minutes + you will receive an updated protocol after the consultation

support calls (£150)

It is very common for questions to pop up over the course of the initial months.

In order to easily navigate the first months, weekly/ fortnightly or at the very least monthly support calls are highly recommended, to avoid you becoming overwhelmed, discouraged, forget why we decided on certain strategies, and ultimately ‘fall off the wagon’. 

take the guesswork out of your health with a bespoke strategy & one-on-one support

When working with me one-on-one, we decide on a personalised testing, lifestyle, diet & supplement strategy unique to you.

Initial Consultation

During an initial consultation, we will look at your health history, goals, concerns, labs (where applicable), and come up with a strategy that is bespoke to you. Most often this includes some more specialised testing to get a clearer picture of what is happening for you. 

Follow Up Strategy Consultation

Once test results are back, we will schedule another (Zoom) call to go through the results, come up with a protocol and fine tune your strategy accordingly,

Can only be booked directly via me after an initial consultation has been conducted.

Coaching & Support calls

Everybody is unique in how much support they require to turn the suggestions into a new lifestyle, but often an initial 1x/ week to 1x/ month call is beneficial to get the best results. 

Can only be booked directly via me after an initial consultation has been conducted.

Consultations are available both in person at The Life Centre in Kensington, London, and online on Zoom worldwide. 

some of the Conditions commonly addressed

Kind words from clients

Get in touch to book Your Initial Consultation

I look forward to hearing from you! I will be in touch with suggested time slots asap. 

Please note: You will receive an email with a payment link to confirm the appointment once we have decided on a time suitable.

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