Hi, I am mirthe.

I am passionate about helping people become (and stay) the healthiest and most vibrant version of themselves. 

I came to Functional Medicine through my own journey of the autoimmune disease Crohn’s, burnout and hormonal issues. I know what it is like to not feel at your best, and have gone down the rabbit hole of trial and error, study and research to come up with the strategies and tools I now use to help others to also take control of their own health trajectory. 

I want for you too to be able to make educated, science backed choices to fit your lifestyle & health goals, and live your best and healthiest life.

my journey to functional medicine

My own diagnosis of the autoimmune condition Crohn’s from early childhood on led me to exploring many different areas of health interventions. estrogen dominance issues and burnout followed.

It wasn’t until after an undergraduate degree in Health (Bachelor, 1st Class Honours, in Groningen/ Netherlands), and learning how to dissect scientific papers, that I discovered emerging research, that, once implemented, finally relieved me of my debilitating symptoms. 

I finally came across the then very new and emerging field of ‘Functional Medicine’, which led me to a post-graduate certification as a Functional Medicine practitioner (2015-2017), and ever since continued research to keep up with the newest cutting edge research, and to find the most efficient and tailored health solutions to empower people to live their best possible life.

A stint of travelling the world looking after professional athletes of the NZ Olympic Team and the World Surfing League was followed by years working with VIPs and running bespoke luxury health retreats.

some fun facts!

I used to travel with and look after the health of elite athletes such as the NZ Olympic Winter Team & surfers on the World Surf League

I believe in the 80/20 rule – in particular as it pertains to health, and don’t believe in having to be a monk to live healthy and thrive.

I enjoy the occasional glass for red, and am known for indulging in little treats here and there (as long as they don’t trigger my Crohn’s, there are some strict no-no’s, and as long as they are a max of 20% – mostly more a 5%, but hey :)). 

I used to run events for an Australian surf bikini brand and Volvo cars throughout Europe’s beaches, with the aim to empower girls to live their best, strongest, healthiest and empowered life, which was great fun!

Kind words from clients

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