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Are you confused with all the health information out there, and not sure what is actually legit, nor what suits your individual biology?

Rather than trying out another new ‘health trend’ or fad, are you ready to really create an impact by making science backed choices with profound results, while still being able to enjoy life and ‘live a little’.

Be proactive about your health with predictive biomarker testing and a diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol that is bespoke to your goals, lab results and needs. 

Let me help you take your health trajectory into your own hands. 

test, don't guess.
go for optimal rather than 'just ok'.
Extend your health span and thrive

Take the guesswork out of your health

Prevent illness & optimise your health with predictive biomarker testing and targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement adjustments that are unique to your biology.

Do you have a family history of certain conditions? Or would simply like to be proactive about your health and live your best life, for the longest? 

Rather than waiting until you run into trouble, learn how you can make educated choices to upgrade your health, prevent and thrive, tailored to your family history, genetics and latest blood test results. 

Functional Medicine is an integrative health care approach, based on the newest cutting edge research findings in medicine, biochemistry, genetics and technology.

Did your latest labs come back as 'fine'?

That is great!

Sadly though, that might not always mean that all is actually optimal and running smoothly inside your body. 

Did you know that most lab reference ranges are based on an average of the population, rather than optimally healthy?

Often that means that while your labs are ‘ok’, they may already be contributing to ‘rusting’ of your cells, ‘sludge’ building up inside your body, and slow degeneration. 

By testing ‘predictive biomarkers’ and placing them into the stricter ‘optimal vs suboptimal’ reference ranges, suboptimal markers can be addressed long before they are an issue (or full blown disease), and give your body the best chance at preventing and reversing any ill health trajectory.

Be proactive about your health with predictive biomarker testing and a diet, lifestyle and supplement protocol that is bespoke to your goals, lab results and needs. 

A great example is vitamin D. Most know vitamin D for its wonderful protective benefits towards cancers, autoimmune diseases, and more. 

But did you know that this protection only really becomes fully active at a vitamin D blood level of 100-150 nmol/l, yet most labs call anything from around 20-200 ‘normal’?

There is a huge discrepancy between a vitamin D at say 25 nmol/l, and its most protective level of 100-150, wouldn’t you agree?

Similar applies to many other commonly tested markers, like inflammation, hormone levels like estrogen and progesterone, uric acid, omega 3, folate, iron status, and many more. 

Does any of this sound familiar?

Do you want to be proactive about your health, but are confused as to what is actually the right thing to do and backed by science?

Do you want to become the healthiest version possible, full of energy and radiant, while still having ‘fun in life’ and not eternally restricting yourself?

Are you worried about a health condition that runs in your family, such as Alzheimer’s, breast cancer, autoimmune disease, and would like to prevent running into trouble yourself in the most targeted manner?

predictive biomarker testing for health span extension

Predictive biomarkers are certain markers in blood, urine, stool etc, that have been shown in research to have a high predictability towards illness and decline. 

There are markers that are more specific to just certain illnesses, but also others that are linked to an all cause ill health trajectory, such as inflammation, chronic infections and heavy metal burden, omega 3 & vitamin D levels, to  name just a few. 

During an initial consultation we discuss which testing makes most sense for you, depending on your family history, goals, concerns – and budget. 

While it is great if we can do as many tests as possible to begin with, to get a clear picture of what we are working with as possible, I always take the individual’s financial situation into account when deciding on which tests to prioritise.

Some of the most commonly used tests include:

  • Cholesterol
  • Inflammatory & Free radical damage (oxidative stress) Markers
  • Omega 3 levels
  • Vitamin D, B12, folate, zinc, magnesium, iron storage
  • Hormone panel: estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, DHEAs
  • Thyroid panel: free T3, free T4, TSH, thyroid antibodies
  • Liver and kidney health
  • Epstein Barr and cytomegalovirus load
  • And others depending on goals, concerns and needs

‘All disease begins in the gut’ – Hippocrates. 

With more and more research emerging to confirm the importance of a healthy gut microbiome (the intricate balance of different types of bacteria and funghi in the gut) for not only a healthy digestion, but overall health, including autoimmune, cancer, mental health, skin health and much more, a comprehensive stool analysis can often be a great way to see what is going on inside the gut. 

In particular in my patients with digestive issues, this test is often a must (yet we always take the individual’s financial situation into account when deciding on which tests to prioritise). 

To find out more about this test:

Organic acids are products of the body’s metabolic pathways. Evaluation of these downstream metabolites from various metabolic pathways provides insight into important areas related to gut health, mitochondrial dysfunction, neurotransmitter status, indicators of detoxification and macronutrient breakdown and nutritional status. This makes organic acid testing a valuable tool to assess the functional need for essential nutrients, diet modification, antioxidant protection, detoxification, and other therapies. 

The Organic Acids Test (OAT) provides a comprehensive nutritional and metabolic snapshot of an individual’s overall health. The OAT measures 76 organic acids from one easy to collect urine sample. 


To find out more about the test:

Organic acids are substances that results from the metabolic processes in your body. Analyzing these metabolites from different metabolic pathways can immediately provide insight into important areas related to gut health. The Microbial Organic Acids Test (MOAT) specifically measures the metabolites produced by yeast and bacteria. Elevated values in the MOAT may indicate yeast/ mold or bacterial dysbiosis.

The MOAT is included in the Organic Acids Test (OAT) described above, and is particularly useful as a follow-up to the OAT and may be recommended when we are looking for a specific abnormality, to monitor certain microbial balances, or to assess treatment efficacy. However, the lab strongly recommends that the full OAT be performed as the initial screening test. 

For more info by the lab, go here:

It is not only important to know how much of each hormone the body has circulating in blood, but also how the body is breaking it down. In particular if there is a history of breast cancer or other estrogen related conditions, it often makes sense to order a DUTCH to get a clearer picture. 


The body can break estrogen down via 3 different pathways, 1 of which can be potentially damaging and contribute to cancer. 

In particular in my patients that either have a family history of breast cancer, have high estrogen levels on blood testing, and/or are on bioidentical hormone therapy, I like to regularly check how well the estrogen metabolism is doing, and if we need to support it to push it into the more protective pathway where applicable. 

Find more information here:

welcome to your personalised health & longevity strategy


Rather than waiting until ‘it is too late’, get your latest annual lab results (which most often come back as ‘just fine’ until they aren’t any longer!) placed into stricter ranges, identifying what is optimal vs suboptimal. 


You will receive a bespoke protocol with targeted diet, lifestyle and supplement recommendations to get any less than optimal markers back into perfect range.

track & thrive

Re-test a few months after starting on the protocol to see where things may need to be further adjusted. Once everything is ‘smooth sailing’ a once yearly check up is recommended. 

Don’t worry, I have got you covered. Let me help you become the CEO of your health trajectory, by learning how to make educated choices, and thrive.

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