4 week health reset

This 4 weeks course will teach you everything you have always wanted to know about healthy living. Take the guesswork out of healthy living & say bye to the confusing information on Dr. Google.

Is this course for you?

Feeling sluggish, run-down, with that extra layer around your waist that just won’t budge? Worried about the flu season? Confused about all the conflicting health information by Dr. Google?

Join me for a 4 weeks diet & lifestyle make-over, done at your own pace, wherever in the world you are!
I will guide you through science backed tweaks for maximum benefits. No more fad diet or wagon to fall off.

This course is designed both for my one-on-one patients to learn all the basics of healthy living to accompany our bespoke and individualised strategy, and for anyone wanting to upgrade their health, longevity and healthspan.

Mirthe Eckl Functional Medicine London

What's included

Quick & easy to follow videos with step-by-step guide

Learn how to reset your heath, immune system and ageing with simple yet science backed diet & lifestyle tweaks for maximum benefits.


Put what you have learned into action by filling in the worksheets such as meal & exercise planner, shopping lists, and turn this into YOUR unique new lifestyle.

Pdf booklets

Download the pdf booklets to keep in your cupboard with all the info you need to know.

In course Q&A forum

Get your questions answered in the course forum

Course Categories

4 weeks worth of pre-recorded videos with step-by-step guides on how to upgrade your health, once and for all. Self-paced learning.

Meal panner

How & when to eat and fast for optimal health


How to sleep, move & rest


Extra tweaks for more profound results


Anything you wanted to know about health optimisation

Myths debunked

Are saturated fats bad? and many more

Basic biology

Learn the basics behind anti-ageing & optimal health


How to turn this into a new lifestyle


Predictive biomarker testing for a more bespoke strategy

4 weeks of Health Optimisation

How to

Step-by-step videos


Understand the biology behind it


of your Healthspan & Quality of Life


Energy, wellbeing & zest

Take control of your health

Are you tired of feeling tired, have niggly symptoms, and think age related decline is just part of getting older?
This course teaches you how to become the CEO of your health journey, how to increase healthspan for a longer and better life.


About the course creator, her take on Functional Medicine and Precision Health, and why to join.

About Mirthe

Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner and research nerd

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine addresses the root underlying systems of your body for optimal health, longevity and anti-ageing. Think inflammation, gut health, nutrients, heavy metals and other environmental pollutants, etc.

Precision Health

Test, tweak, track and thrive. Learn to make educated decisions based on your unique biology.

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