The Basic Pillars of health optimisation, prevention & anti-ageing

Learn how to eat, fast, sleep, move, manage stress and why they matter to extend your health span & quality of life at your own pace

Learn to make educated choices and thrive

Taking responsibility for your health has never been more prevalent, with direct to consumer blood testing and all sorts of health advice on the internet. You know you should be eating your greens, getting more sleep, reduce stress and exercise, supplement with vitamin D during winter, and may even be experimenting with infrared saunas, ice baths and breathwork.

But how do you know you are doing it right?

I will help you take the guesswork out of health optimisation with a lab testing and science based approach. 

4 weeks to a healthier, younger & Thriving you

Pre-recorded videos with presentations on how to eat, fast, sleep, move, manage stress and why these matter for anti-ageing and prevention ... access at your own pace.

PLUS worksheets, cheat sheets, and (optional) a private facebook group for Q&As with me throughout the 4 weeks, peer support & accountability.

What to eat

How to fast





This course is for you if..

Have you been struggling with niggly health symptoms such as bloating, eczema, hair loss, that layer of belly fat that won’t budge, to loss of libido, PMS, achy joints, etc?

Or... do you have a family history of certain illnesses like autoimmune, cancers, cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, and are worried you may be heading in that direction too?

Or... would you simply like to be proactive about your health and be able to make educated choices on how best to eat, move, sleep and live to prevent running into trouble down the line, but are overwhelmed with all the information out there? You aren’t quite sure which advise is legit, and how and where to get started?

No more fad diet's wagon to fall off.

Join me for a series of presentations where I will explain the basic underlying biology of optimal health vs illness and decline, how to modify your diet and lifestyle to reduce common triggers to health decline like inflammation, cellular damage and ageing, and how to use predictive biomarker testing to track your health with more precision.

Science and lab testing backed health optimisation, that will set you up for life, and teach you to make educated choices and become the CEO of your health journey (and how to turn this into a lifestyle that is still fun and balanced) rather than another overly restrictive & fad diet and wagon to fall off.

Learning Path

Learn the basic biology and underlying triggers such as inflammation, gut microbiome and chronic infections, nutrient imbalances and more, linked to hormone problems, ageing, and all sorts of other more serious health problems (such as autoimmune, cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, anxiety, arthritis, even all the way to cancers, and more), if they persists for too long.

Learn how to make targeted tweaks to your diet to nourish your cells, metabolism, hormones, and to prevent ageing and decline.

A deeper dive into how blood sugar control and inflammation affect our metabolic, hormonal and overall health, and how to prevent and reverse suboptimal functioning.

We will also go into more detail on how to put your plate together for different concerns, including how to and how not to implement ‘trends’ like intermittent fasting, keto, carb cycling.

A deeper dive into how stress affects cellular health, ageing, metabolism, inflammatory markers, eating behaviour and more. Plus – some simple stress management tools and techniques to implement.

Learn further how sleep/ our circadian rhythm, exercise and social connectedness affect your health optimisation efforts, and best ways to implement them for maximum effects (with the least time commitment).

We will also touch upon optional health optimisation add-ons (and trends) such as infrared saunas, cryotherapy, IV nutrient therapy.

We will discuss which tests/ health checks and home tracking tools may be recommended (and where to get them) if you wanted to be more precise within your approach.* We will also touch upon how to make sense of your lab results if you had your recent annual done, and the GP said they were all ‘just fine’.

You received your lab results back and your doctor says they are fine?

That is great news, however, we take it one step further.

Did you know that most of the lab reference ranges used are based on an average of the population? Not an average of optimally healthy, thriving individuals, but of your average Joe, who may already be pre-diabetic, have high blood pressure, and on their way to a chronic problem in a few years time.

Precision Health Optimisation will look at your conventional blood tests and place them into narrower reference ranges, distinguishing between optimal and suboptimal, look at them through the Functional Medicine 360 degree lens, and give targeted dietary, lifestyle and supplement strategies bespoke to you.


Learn how to keep things up long term and how to apply a 80/20 approach, how to ‘cheat’ without guilt and ‘live a little’ as part of a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle, without it meaning you are ‘falling off the wagon’.

*Bespoke testing (optional/ cost not included): If you decide to do some testing for a more precise and bespoke approach, such as for food intolerances, hormones, inflammation, nutrient status, etc, these can either be done at your GP (partially) or organised with private lab companies via Mirthe

Some feedback from my lovely students

Life changing! I thought I already knew a lot about health, but wow, from week one my eyes have been opened to a whole new level of wellness. This course has given me a deeper understanding of the pillars of health, which makes me know this will be a lifestyle change rather than just another “detox” to try! Can’t wait till the next course.

Bring your health on the right track!

Take the guesswork out of health and finally thrive.

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