Make your health journey bespoke

You would like to host a workshop either in person or online, or take it to the next level with a bespoke health retreat (worldwide at your choice of location) for you & your loved ones? 

Create your own package, event or retreat.

You’d like to host a health event for your friends/ family members/ etc, with presentations, Q&A’s and/ or one-on-one consultations?

You’d like to spend a day (or a few) with me to go through all your pressing health questions, have me speak to your chef/ PT, etc to come up with a bespoke and all encompassing health strategy for you?

You’d love to fully immerse yourself in a health retreat at a location of your choice?

You’d like to focus on personalised topics, foods, and surround yourself with your friends or family, rather than random people at a public retreat? 

go VIP and make it bespoke

Topics, length, outline and location of your choice. 

Whether that is in your home in London or LA, a destination of your choice such as Hawaii, Ibiza or Costa Rica, with focus on female hormones, longevity, weightloss or simply a reset, the choice is yours. 

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